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  • Thank you for choosing Greekferries Club SA for your ferry reservation!

Minoan Lines 2022 – Bonus Club Offer

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Minoan Bonus Club OfferMinoan Lines Bonus Club Offer

If you have a Minoan Lines Bonus Club membership, you are entitled to a 20% discount when booking your ferry trip from Italy to Greece!
Simply enter your Bonus Club Number in the respective field of the Greekferries Club booking engine and the discount will be calculated automatically.

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Terms & conditions

The offer includes a 20% discount for the members of the Minoan Lines Bonus Club and is valid under the following terms and conditions:

• Valid for all international Lines .
• Valid for all accommodation and vehicle categories.
• The discount is not cumulative with other discount of the standard commercial policy of Minoan Lines, except for the Early Booking discount
and the 30% return discount.
• Members must present their card during check-in.
• Membership points cannot be redeemed in reservations that include the Camping all Inclusive offer.

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