• Thank you for choosing Greekferries Club SA for your ferry reservation!
  • Thank you for choosing Greekferries Club SA for your ferry reservation!

European Seaways Ferries Terms & Conditions


You can make reservations through Greekferries Club, the company’s general agents or port agents. According to the SOLAS guidelines for booking and tickets issuance the following data is necessary:
name, surname, gender, age, nationality as well as vehicle category and license plate number.
Passengers that are not members of the EU must also supply their passport number.


Children under the age of 4 travel for free when they do not occupy a bed or reclined seat of their
own. Children between the ages of 4.&12 are entitled to a 50% on one way and roundtrip reservations
in all categories. Children must be accompanied by at least one adult.


  • Discount on the return trip when booking the outbound and inbound trip at the same time. Discount is noted in the “roundtrip” column of the price catalogue.
  • The return trip prices are generated according to the route selected for the return trip.
  • NOTE: Discounts are not cumulative. Only one discount, the most beneficial, can be selected each time.

Embarkation procedure

Passengers with confirmed reservations are requested to check-in at the port office at least 2 hours before departure to start the boarding procedure. Check-in stops approx 20 minutes before the departure of the ferry. From this time onwards the ferry company holds the right to cancel non-show passengers, who lose any rights to a reimbursement.

Tickets with open return date

Tickets with open return dates are valid for one year from the date of issuance and are calculated based on the low season tariffs. Passengers with open tickets are requested to state a travel date as early as possible at a European Seaways office. The ferry company offers no guarantee for availability on the desired dates of travel.


You can find the cancellation policy of the ferry company under Changes & Cancellations in our Customer Support pages.

Additionally to the cancellation fees held by the ferry company, Greekferries Club charges an additional 10% fee from the refundable amount.

Loss of tickets

Passengers that have lost their tickets are obliged to inform their travel agent or the ferry company as soon as possible. ? new ticket must be bought to replace the lost ones. A refund of the lost ticket is approved by the ferry company only if at the end of the year the ticket has not been used.


Tickets apply only for the departure port stated on the ticket. For changes in the reservation passengers must contact the issuing agency or the ferry company and pay occurring price differences.

Further information

  • Ticket prices do not include meals.
  • Occupying a cabin with less passengers that can be accommodated is possible by paying 50% for each bed that is not occupied.
  • The transport of pets is free. Pets are accommodated in kennels on deck. It is not permitted to bring into the common areas inside the ferry or into the cabins. The pet owner is responsible for feeding the animal and for it’s hygiene.
  • For all trade – vehicles certified as trucks or coaches – there is a special freight rate (for Information and Reservations please contact Greekferries Club SA or the ferry company) – – For safety reasons cooking and the use of propane gas or similar cooking and heating gases are forbidden. Passengers are requested leave their luggage in their vehicles or the garage storage facilities and take only necessary items with them. The ferry company does not take responsibility for valuables or money left in the passengers’ luggage left either the cabin or lounges of the ferry. The ferry company recommends to leaving valuable itemsarticles/money at purser’s office on board.
  • Timetable and prices

    Prices correspond to the standing year’s catalogue. EUROPEAN SEAWAYS aims to keep timetables, prices
    and conditions as stated in the brochure. Neither Greekferries Club SA nor EUROPEAN SEAWAYS are liable
    in the cases of higher force (e.g. bad weather conditions, strike, state of war, sovereign arrangements or technical problems. The shipping company reserves the right to make changes to the timetable and tariffs without prior notice when necessary e.g. increase in oil price or other.