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How to get to Paros

The ferry connection to Paros is made mainly via Piraeus and Rafina, while several times per week, there are routes from the port of Lavrio. Especially during the summer season, the ferry itineraries for Paros, are the most frequent in Cyclades and are operational daily. Due to the short distance with Athens, Paros is an ideal destination for weekends but even more days of holiday.

Piraeus - Paros: There are ferry routes from Piraeus to Paros daily especially for the summer period. The duration of the trip is nearly 3 hours with speedboat and around 4,5 hours with normal boat.

Rafina - Paros: The trip Rafina - Paros lasts 4 to 6 hours and during the summer period, it is realized daily with normal ferries.

Lavrio - Paros: From the port of Lavrio, it is possible to get to Paros several times per week and the duration of the trip is around 7 hours.

Paros Beaches

In Paros there are beaches suitable for every type of visitor – families, party or water sports lovers and for couples on their honey moon.

Here you will find golden beaches for all tastes. A list with the best beaches in Paros:

What to do in Paros

The capital and the largest settlement of Paros is Parikia, which is the administrative center of the island.. The next largest settlement of Paros, with great touristic interest, is Naousa. During the night, Naousa transforms to the meeting point of the visitors on the island, since it has tens of choices for drink , food and entertainment.

In the town of Parikia, do not miss to visit the byzantine church of Panagia Ekatontapiliani and the medieval castle right next to the sea, which was built almost entirely from the marble ruins of an ancient temple.

Apart from the 2 big settlements, in Paros you will find small, mountainous villages, so as to enjoy in the traditional shops, food or coffee.