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How to get to Koufonisia

The easiest way to travel by ferry from Athens to Koufonisia is via the port of Piraeus. During the summer season, there is additional ferry connection to Koufonisia from the port of Rafina. To be more precise:

Piraeus - Koufonisia: The itinerary Piraeus - Koufonisia is operated daily all year long and lasts 5 to 7 hours.

Rafina - Koufonisia: The ferry connection between Rafina and Koufonisia is seasonal and the duration of the trip is 6 to 8 hours.

Koufonisia Beaches

The turquoise waters surround the islands and the wide selection of beaches with smooth sand enchant you with their beauty. Both Upper(Pano) and Lower (Kato) Koufonisi, hold beaches with exotic beauty and crystal clear waters. All the Beaches in Upper Koufonisi are situated in the east side of the island and most of them are not organized and do not dispose natural shade. Lower Koufonisi is ideal for a day trip from the Upper Koufonisi, since it does not dispose accommodation infrastructure.

A list with the best beaches in Koufonisia we gathered for you is:

What to do in Koufonisia

The greatest asset of Koufonisia are definately the dreamy seas. The small size of the islands makes transportation extremely easy, since you can make your way even on foot.

The food in Koufonisia is delicious, having as main ingredients fresh fish and seafood, which are abundant in the Small Cyclades. Koufonisia have the largest fishing fleet in proportion to their population which is a pole of attraction for visitors who want to taste fresh fish and seafood. If you love water sports, you will meet surfers at Pori and in Platia Pounta during the period of the meltemia winds.

Τake a boat trip to Lower Koufonisi on the day of the Assumption of the Virgin. The chapel of Panagia, that was initially built in 1561, welcomes you from the morning, in order to attend the Service, after which the locals offer typical delicacies. On your way back, the small boats fight over who will be the first to enter the port of Upper Koufonisi, while after that, a big festival is set by the sounds of violins and seafood appetizers!