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How to get to Ithaca

The ferry connection of Ithaca with continental Greece is effectuated from the port of Patras or with an intermediate stop at Cephalonia. The main port of Ithaca is Pisaetos which is located 12km from Vathy, the capital of the island.

The ferry connection Patras - Ithaca is frequent and the trip lasts around 4 hours.

The itinerary Cephalonia - Ithaca takes place daily from the port of Sami towards that of Pisaetos. The route by ferry from Cephalonia to Ithaca has a duration of 20 - 30 minutes.

Beaches in Ithaca

Apart from the magnificent beaches of Ithaca where access is easy, the real discovery of Ithaca can only be achieved via a motorboat. You can also explore Gidaki using a small boat, which many consider as the best beach of the island. The beaches in Ithaca are not sandy, but consist of smooth pebbles, mostly white. Some appear to be as crystal clear lakes and others are so small like private beaches. Trees reach almost till the sea creating a scenery of unique beauty which combines wilderness with quiet.

A list of the best beaches in Ithaca:

What to do in Ithaca

Ithaca is an island with great history from ancient times till today. On the island you may find numerous archeological sights and museums, as well as landscapes of extremely rare beauty.

Right after breakfast, a walk in the picturesque narrow streets of Vathy will lead you to Saint Nicholas of Strangers, where you can perceive «Jesus Elkomenos », an icon attributed to El Greco, and later on to the Navy – Folklore Museum and the Archeological Museum.

Approximately 25km from Vathy, in the cove bottom, is Kioni situated. It’s worth to pass by and visit the unique taverns and the view of the small boats.

Visit additionally the Archaeological collection at Stavros and the Katharon Monastery. Nightlife in Ithaca is concentrated in Mylos district, in Vathy.