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How to get to Chios

Chios is an island of the North Aegean Sea with its imperishable charm, famous for its Mastic and its fertile Plain.

It is the fifth biggest island in Greece and a place with thousands years of history. It carries rich tradition, intense landscapes and a great variety of natural beauty.

Chios contains 2 ports, the first located east within the city of Chios and the Mesta port located southwest. Both ports are connected by ferry with continental Greece and other islands, all year long. The most frequent itineraries for Chios from continental Greece are:

Piraeus - Chios: The itineraries from the port of Piraeus towards the ports of Chios are frequent and the journey lasts from 7,5 to 10 hours depending on the stops of the ferry and the port of destination.

Kavala- Chios: The connection of Chios with Northern Greece and the port of Kavala operates during the whole year. The duration of the trip from Kavala to Chios is from 10 to 15 hours, depending on the route of the ferry.

Chios Beaches

The beaches in Chios are well known for their purity , the clarity of their waters and the unique diversity .

While making a tour on the island one can enjoy both famous and isolated beaches along a wide length of kilometers, pebble coasts, caves by the coast sculped within rocky cliffs, sandy and and dark colored pebble beaches due to volcanic soils.

What to do in Chios

In Chios you can taste local products of exceptional quality! The fertile soil and the Mediterranean climate of Chios favorizes the cultivation and production of many products such as, of course, the famous Mastic. There have there been numerous efforts to produce mastic from this particular plant in other places in the world, but without success.

On the island there are as well cultural and natural poles of attraction, which testify the diversity of Chios that will surely enchant you.

Chios is recommended for vacation all year long, while Easter time on the island offers you the unique opportunity to experience the impressive Rocketwar in Vrontados.

In the narrow streets along the big commercial walkway of Aplotaria you may find many all day shops, but in our opinion, the magic of Chios is not in its city, but in its villages.