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Ferries Spain. Book your ferry to Spain online! Book ferries from Spain to the ports of Italy, Sardinia and Morocco.

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Do you wish to take your vehicle with you to Spain? You can take your car with you on the ferry as well as your motorcycle, your camper or caravan. We will always find the best price for your ferry trip on your way to Spain.

Ports in Spain

Do you wish to travel from a specific port in Spain or are you looking for information on a specific ferry or port in Spain? Our index on ferry terminals for Spain contains the ports for which current ferries are available. Simply select the desired port and you will receive more information about the available ferries, port maps and information for your arrival.

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Our overview includes all available ferries to/from Spain. Ferries from Spain to Livorno in Italy, Tangier in Morocco and more. Ferries from Spain to the desired arrival or departure ports. Select the desired route and you will receive detailed information on that route.