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  • Thank you for choosing Greekferries Club SA for your ferry reservation!

Mainland Greece

Domestic Ferry Connections

Ferries to and from the Greek Mainland (Domestic Ferry Connections)

All ferries, ferry ports and ferry connections to and from the ports of mainland Greece at a glance.

Ferry ports – Greek Mainland

Ferries Greece (Domestic ferries) – Ferries to and from the mainland

Are you looking for a specific ferry company or ferry connection from or to the Greek mainland? Our overview includes all the available ferries to and from the ports to the Greek mainland. Ferries from the mainland to the Cyclades, the Dodecanese Islands, the Island of Crete and many more.

Select the desired ferry connection and you will receive detailed information on that specific route:

Ferries from Mainland Greece

Ferries from Andros

Ferries from Chios

Ferries from Folegandros

Ferries from Heraklion

Ferries from Ios

Ferries from Kavala

Ferries from Kimolos

Ferries from Kos

Ferries from Kythnos

Ferries from Lavrio

Ferries from Milos

Ferries from Mitilini

Ferries from Mykonos

Ferries from Paros

Ferries from Piraeus

Ferries from Rafina

Ferries from Rhodes

Ferries from Santorini

Ferries from Serifos

Ferries from Sifnos

Ferries from Sikinos

Ferries from Thessaloniki

Ferries from Tinos

Ferries from Vathi

Ferries to Mainland Greece

Ferries to Agios Konstantinos

Ferries to Andros

Ferries to Folegandros

Ferries to Heraklion

Ferries to Ios

Ferries to Kavala

Ferries to Kimolos

Ferries to Kythnos

Ferries to Lavrio

Ferries to Milos

Ferries to Mykonos

Ferries to Paros

Ferries to Piraeus

Ferries to Rafina

Ferries to Santorini

Ferries to Serifos

Ferries to Sifnos

Ferries to Sikinos

Ferries to Thessaloniki

Ferries to Tinos

Ferries to Volos