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Ferries Civitavecchia

Ferries Civitavecchia  port information

Ferries Civitavecchia. Ferries to/from Civitavecchia.

Information about the ferries to/from Civitavecchia, port information, available ferry connections, price comparison and online booking.

Civitavecchia is a town in the Italian region of Lazio and belongs to the province of Rome. The port of Civitavecchia is the main starting port for travelers on the routes to Sardinia, Sicily, Spain and Tunisia.

Ferry Civitavecchia – Book your tickets online and save money

Book you ferry to Civitavecchia online and benefit from the discounts on the routes: Civitavecchia – Sardinia, Civitavecchia – Sicily, Civitavecchia – Tunisia and Spain. The ferry to/from Civitavecchia is operated by Grimaldi Lines.

Our online booking system calculates the details you have input, takes the existing offers of the ferry company into consideration and finds the best possible price for your ferry trip to Civitavecchia. The annual discounts, special and seasonal offers are inserted in the offer for your ferry to Civitavecchia, whether you are traveling alone, with friend or family or if you are traveling with your car, motorcycle or camper.

Ferries to/from Civitavecchia

Ferries Civitavecchia to Sardinia. Ferries between Civitavecchia and Sardinia. Ferries to Porto Torres.

Ferries Civitavecchia to Sicily. Ferries between Civitavecchia and Sicily. Ferries to Trapani.

Ferries Civitavecchia to Tunisia. Ferries between Civitavecchia and Tunisia. Ferries to Tunis.

Ferries Civitavecchia to Spain. Ferries between Civitavecchia and Spain. Ferries to Barcelona.

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Alternative ferry ports in Italy

Are you looking for a ferry to/from another port in Italy? No problem – beside the ferries to Civitavecchia we also offer information and bookings to other ports in Italy. Simply select the desired port and you will receive detailed information about ports and ferry connections.

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