Minoan Lines 2019 – Camping All Inclusive Offer

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Camping All InclusiveMinoan Lines Camping All Inclusive Offer

Choose the Camping all Inclusive offer of Minoan Lines and travel with your camper or caravan and sleep in the comfortable cabins, for the price of a deck seat! Further more you are entitled to a 30% discount in the self-service and a la cart restaurants! Your camper / caravan remains in the garage (with a 220V power supply).

Ancona and Venice
The offer includes an inside cabin (AB2 , AB3 , AB4) and a 30% discount in the self-service and a la cart restaurants per person per way.
All this at the price of a deck seat per person plus the price of the vehicle!

Do you wish to have your four-legged friend with you in the cabin? There is only an additional cost of €25 per way!

Travel to and from Ancona and Venice throughout the year with this amazing offer!

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Terms & conditions
  • Valid for passengers travelling with their camper or a car and caravan.
  • The offer includes an inside cabin (AB2, AB3, AB4) plus 30% discount on all meals and beverages in the a la carte and self service restaurants during the trip. All in the price of a deck fare per person plus the vehicle price!
  • If you wish to take your pet in the cabin, there is a surcharge of approx 25 Euro, per stretch. This service is valid throughout the year for ferries from and to Ancona and Venice.
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