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  • Thank you for choosing Greekferries Club SA for your ferry reservation!

Superfast Ferries

Superfast Ferries | Ferry TicketsSuperfast Ferries is the specialist on the Ancona and Bari routes operating 4 ultra-modern-car-passengers ferries. The unique combination of punctuality and speed of 32 knots make them the leading company in the Adriatic Sea.

Superfast Ferries is one of the rare companies that offer a limited number of pet cabins, wherein you can stay during the whole trip accompanied by your pet.

Moreover, for passengers traveling by car with caravan or by camper Superfast Ferries offers the ‘Camping on Board’ service, enjoying the comfort of your camper or caravan while you make the ferry crossing. It is permitted to bring your dog to the open deck, staying with you in your camper or caravan. Like this, our beloved four-legged friends also enjoy the holiday!

Your journey with the modern vessels of Superfast Ferries looks like a small cruise because of all comfort on board. From the moment you come on board you will enjoy the warm and friendly atmosphere. It will proof that sea travel is fun! Swimming pools, disco’s, bars make you having a great time. And who wants to take a gamble in the casino!

Enjoy the delicious meals in the A la Carte restaurant as well as the self-service restaurant.

Once you travel with Superfast Ferries, you will always want to return for yet another Superfast Experience.

Book your tickets now and get in the holiday mood!