• Thank you for choosing Greekferries Club SA for your ferry reservation!
  • Thank you for choosing Greekferries Club SA for your ferry reservation!

Minoan Lines Terms & Conditions

Tickets / Payments / Reservations

The ticket is strictly personal. It is not transferable and is valid only for the specific accommodation and route it has been issued for. Any change must be reported to GreekFerries Club, the central reservation offices or the port offices.

The ticket is valid for one year from the issuing date and only for the port of departure mentioned therein.

Reservations and bookings can be made through GreekFerries Club, the Central Reservation Office and the port offices of the company.

Passengers with “open date” tickets should confirm their reservations well in advance through the central reservation offices especially during high season. Such tickets are valid for one year after the issuing date. Any difference in price is paid by the passenger.

According to the S.O.LAS. regulation, the P.O. 23/99 of the Greek state and the European Union Communal Instruction 98/41 , it is now mandatory, for reasons of safety, to state the following information when making your reservation: Surname, Name (Initial), gender, age category (child / adult / infant), type of vehicle and plate number. Passengers who are not residents or nationals of an E.U. member state are also required to provide additional information such as: Nationality, Passport number and date of birth. Passengers requiring special care must notify their travel agent or the company’s main reservation offices.

Children under the age of 4 travel free of charge and are not entitled to a berth or seat. However, a free ticket must be issued for embarkation. A 50% discount is offered to children from 4 to 16 years of age (Italy-Greece). For domestic routes (Greece) the 50% discount is valid for children from 4 to 10 years of age.

The following credit cards are accepted in the shops and the a la carte restaurant on board: AMERICAN EXPRESS / DINERS / VISA/ MASTERCARD / EUROCARD.


You can find the cancellation policy of the ferry company under Changes & Cancellations in our Customer Support pages.

Additionally to the cancellation fees held by the ferry company, Greekferries Club charges an additional 10% fee from the refundable amount.

Open Tickets: Open Tickets can be cancelled with no cancellation fees if they have been initially booked as Open Tickets. In case they have been converted to Open Tickets they cannot be cancelled.

Ticket Change

Ticket change means changing the departure date or upgrading the accommodation type. Changes in the names of passengers require cancellation of the initial tickets (see cancellation policy of the company) and purchase of new tickets.

ATTENTION! In case the passenger has the tickets in his/her hands, he/she will have to send the prototypes to the booking travel agency in order to be replaced with the new tickets.

Ticket loss

In case of ticket loss, the passenger will have to purchase a new ticket in order to travel. Afterwards he/she will have to inform the company in writing, noting all the data of the lost ticket (travel date, routes, ticket number) as well as the number of the new ticket. A photocopy of the new ticket will be also necessary.

The refund of the lost ticket occurs in the end of the year, providing that the annual control establishes that it has not been used.

Delay or cancellation of route

DELAY OF DEPARTURE: Passengers and vehicles can board without changing their tickets.
CANCELLATION OF ROUTE: The tickets for the cancelled route are not valid and must be changed for next available route, providing that there is availability.
ATTENTION! In cases of adverse weather conditions passengers are kindly requested to contact with ship company’s port offices in order to be informed about the new departure time.

Open Tickets

Open Tickets are valid for one year from date of issue. Open tickets cannot be used for boarding. They must be replaced with new tickets for the specific departure.

Fares / Discounts / Routes

The tariffs for domestic and international routes include sea passage in selected accommodation arrangements and all port expenses. Meals and beverages are not included.

In case of trip cancellation, passengers are entitled to a full refund while the company has no further obligation.

The company reserves the right to replace the vessel mentioned on the ticket with another one without prior notice.

The 30% return trip discount is offered exclusively for the return fare of international routes when a round trip fare is booked and is valid for any port. All other discounts are not cumulative and only one of them is granted at a time, when applicable conditions are met.

Passengers entitled to discounted fares are kindly requested to state it, at the time of booking. Once the ticket is issued, no refunds are allowed for price differences.

Groups, trucks, buses and unescorted vehicles are subject to special agreements.

Boarding Instructions / Safety

Passengers must report at the port offices for check in:

  • At least one hour before departure (Domestic routes)
  • At least 2 hours before departure for international routes (Italy / Greece).
  • Otherwise, the company reserves the right to dispose the reserved accommodation without any refund
    to the passenger.

For vehicles, boarding time and priority list is subject to local port authority regulations at the port of departure. Vehicle operators are responsible for their vehicle’s embarkation according to the ship’s crew instructions.

Vehicle passengers should exit the vehicle before embarkation. Vehicle category is shown on the ticket.

It is strictly forbidden for passengers to carry firearms, explosives, flammables, combustibles and other dangerous substances or materials on board.

Neither the carrier nor the ship are liable for any accident, loss or damage occurring prior to boarding, during loading and after disembarkation.

Passengers with special needs

On board the vessels there are specially designed cabins with easy access and operation to accommodate passengers with special needs. Due to a limited number of cabins it is necessary to reserve in advance.

General Information

Passengers are responsible for complying with all Port, Health and customs regulations.

Passengers ought to comply with the ship’s captain and crew instructions regarding public order and safety on board.

Passengers must contact the captain or the staff captain should a complaint arises while on board. They may also contact MINOAN LINES or the port authorities.

Luggage may be left inside vehicles. Passengers are kindly requested to take their personal belongings that might be used during the voyage. The company shall not be held liable in case of loss of money or valuables stored in cars, luggage, common areas or cabins. Passengers are welcome to check cash and valuables with the Purser’s office for safekeeping.

Pets travel free of charge in specially designated kennels on the ship’s deck. Pets are not allowed in indoor public areas or cabins. Pet owners are responsible for feeding and pet hygiene. Pet owners are required to have their pet’s valid health papers with them.

EURO is the official currency on board.

Booking a whole (only 2 bed possible) cabin for single use, there has to be paid a 50% surcharge for the bed not in use.

Use of public areas of the ship is free for all passengers. It is prohibited however, to sleep or eat in the lounges and bars.

Passengers interested in the bus service between Patras and Athens should contact the reception of the vessel for further information and bookings.

Timetables, tariffs and travel conditions are subject to variations without prior notice. Arrival times quoted in timetables indicate the ship’s arrival at the port’s entrance (pilot station).

Minoan Lines cannot be held liable for delays, due to adverse weather conditions, orders by the Ministry of Merchant Marine or force majeure.

The terms and conditions herein shall be governed by and construed in accordance to Greek laws. In the event of disagreement, qualified authorities for its settlement are the courts of Piraeus.