Endeavor Lines

Endeavor Lines - cheap ferry TicketsEndeavor Lines is an economical solution to travel between Italy and Greece, from Brindisi to Corfu and the Kefalonia or to the ports Igoumenitsa and Patras on the mainland.

Along the senior discounts, family discounts, infant-, child- and youth discounts, the passengers can take advance of seasonal offers such as the booking discount.

Eurrail en Interrail are entitled to a free deck ticket and discounts on all other accommodation categories. Passengers traveling by car with caravan or camper, Endeavor Lines offers the ‘Camping on Board’ service; enjoying the comfort of your camper or caravan while you make the ferry crossing.

Regardless of the choice of your accommodation, Endeavor Lines leaves nothing to be desired.

The entertainment on board, including the restaurants, bars, video games and disco, make your trip an unforgettable experience with Endeavor Lines. Even the young passengers will have a great time in the playroom.

If you have a tight budget to spend, but still want to travel comfortably, choose Endeavor Lines!