Aegean Speed Lines Terms & Conditions

Cancelation fees

You can find the cancellation policy of the ferry company under Changes & Cancellations in our Customer Support pages.

AAdditionally to the cancellation fees held by the ferry company, Greekferries Club charges an additional 10% fee from the refundable amount.

OPEN TICKETS: Open date tickets can be canceled without charge when they are initially issued with an “open date”. When converted into “open date” tickets they can not be canceled.

Ticket Changes

A ticket change means changing the travel dates or upgrading accommodation. If the value of the new ticket is less, the passenger is not entitled to a refund.
Changing the name of a passenger or the itinerary requires cancellation of the original ticket (see the cancellation policy of the company) and buying a new ticket.

ATTENTION! If the passenger has the tickets in his/her hands, they have to be returned to the issuing agent in order to replace them with new tickets.

Lost Tickets

In case of ticket loss, the passenger must inform the company before the departure. New tickets must be purchased for the trip. The company will control that the ticket has not been used by the passenger and if this is the case 30 days after the scheduled trip, the passenger is entitled to a free ticket of equal value with the lost one.

Delay or cancellation of route

  • DELAYED DEPARTURE: Passengers and vehicles can board the ferry without changing their tickets.
  • CANCELLATION OF DEPARTURE: The tickets for the canceled ferry do not apply for boarding and must be changed for the next scheduled departure based on availability, by replacing the original tickets.
  • ATTENTION: In case of adverse weather conditions, passengers are requested to contact the port offices in order to be informed about the new departure time.

Open tickets

“Open date” tickets are valid for one year from date of issue.
If the passenger wishes to travel on a date with a higher price list than the fare paid, a complementary ticket must be issued and the price difference is payable.
If the value of the new fare is less, the passenger is not entitled to a refund.