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Bari-Corfu in less then 12 hours! Check the latest ferry offers and sail away to the dream island Corfu!

Ventouris Ferries 2019 – Infants

Ventouris Ferries – Infants Travel For Free Ventouris Ferries is the right choice if you are traveling with your infant. They travel with a 100% discount! Book now!

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Ventouris Ferries 2019 – Return Trip Discount

Ventouris Ferries 30 % Return Trip Discount Book your return trip date together with your outbound date and enjoy a 30 % return discount on your next ferry trip with Ventouris Ferries! Book now!

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Ventouris Ferries 2019 – Children Discount

Ventouris Ferries – 50% Children Discount Travel with your children at a low cost as Ventouris Ferries offers a 50 % discount for children! Book now!

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