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  • Thank you for choosing Greekferries Club SA for your ferry reservation!

Anek-Superfast – Domestic Trip Discount 2013

Anek – Superfast Ferries - info & photo3-01-2013

Domestic Trip Discount

Anek-Superfast – Domestic Trip Discount 2013. Save 30% on all ferries to and from the Greek islands with Anek-Superfast and Blue Star Ferries.

Greece has many visitors who are particularly interested in the many islands of Greece and who want some island hopping.

Anek-Superfast has a special offer for you to! Traveling with Anek-Superfast or Blue Star Ferries in 2013, you get a 30% discount on all the domestic ferry crossings. Travel from Piraeus to Mykonos, Rhodos, Kos and Crete or any other island.

Do you wish to take your own car or a rental car with you to the Greek islands? No problem the offer is valid for passengers as well as their vehicles with Anek-Superfast.

Book now with Anek-Superfast / Blue Star and save 30%!

Offer has expired
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Terms & conditions
  • The offer is valid all year.
  • Valid for ferries within Greece.
  • Valid only in combination with a ferry trip from Italy-Greece.
  • Tickets have to be issued simultaneously.
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