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  • Thank you for choosing Greekferries Club SA for your ferry reservation!

Anek-Superfast 2022 – Domestic Trip Discount

Anek – Superfast Ferries - info & photo18-01-2022

Domestic Trip DiscountAnek-Superfast Domestic Trip Discount

Travel from Italy to Greece and take advantage of the opportunity to visit the beautiful Greek islands!

Book your international ferry trip with Anek-Superfast together with the domestic one with Anek-Superfast or Blue Star Ferries and take advantage of the great 30% discount on the first leg of your domestic ferry!

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Terms & conditions

• Valid for all one way (outbound) tickets for passengers and vehicles (all categories) on the domestic route (Mainland Greece to Crete as well as the Cyclades, Dodecanese, and N.Aegean islands). The discount is granted on the domestic route tickets and cannot be combined with any other domestic route discount. Available only in conjunction with an Adriatic route reservation. Tickets for the international and domestic route must be issued at the same time.

The discount does not apply to the fuel, pet cabin or pure cabin surcharges. (Fuel Surcharge: 5€ per person/vehicle per way (Ancona), 3€ per person/vehicle per way (Bari), 10€ per person/vehicle per way (Venice)).

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