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Anek-Superfast 2013 – Pure cabins

Anek – Superfast Ferries - info & photo17-12-2012

Pure Cabin

It is very hard for people with allergies to use public transport. Frequently used routes such as the trip from Italy to Greece are even more trouble. Anek-Superfast has the solution.

A limited number of anti-allergy cabins are provided specifically for you. These cabins are specially recommended for patients with asthma because the breathing is much easier, but people with other allergies are also welcome to use them and make the crossing to Greece ​​much more enjoyable.

If you want to take advantage of these special cabins do not hesitate and book one of the few anti-allergy cabins for the next Italy – Greece crossing now.

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Terms & conditions
  • Available only on the Superfast XI and the Superfast VI.
  • Surcharge: €50 per cabin and per route.
  • Available cabins: LUX, A4 and AB4.
  • Four bed cabins can be booked as A4/AB4, AA3 and AB3 or AA2/AB2.
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