• Thank you for choosing Greekferries Club SA for your ferry reservation!
  • Thank you for choosing Greekferries Club SA for your ferry reservation!

Your participation in the program
“Affiliate ECOWORLD SA“
only brings you... Profit !

Participate !

Promote !

Get paid !

Our target group !

Entrepreneurs or individuals associated with Tourism in Greece.

  • You are a tourist business, a hotel, a rent a car office etc.
  • You have a website / a blog / a portal about Greece and the Greek Islands !
  • You represent an organization, an association, a club etc.

For sure you are our new partner !

Collaboration program of ECOWORLD sa

The Affiliate program we ask you to join, is about providing a complete travel and tourism
service package which you can offer to your customers, but also to your friends and acquaintances!
It includes reservations and ferry/airplane ticketing. Reservations for small daily cruises.
Reservations for hotels and apartments. Rent a Cars. And many other services that will be added to the daily benefits.

We provide

  • The highest commissions in the market !
  • Oversupplies
  • Ability to sell a) from your websites b) from your front-desk.
  • Wide range of “tools” in order to achieve your goal !
  • “Personal Account” Admin Panel for a 24-hour control of your sales.

Most importantly. Your participation in the program is absolutely FREE!
We have been in the field of tourism for 45 years and offer travel services ONLINE
since 1995. Take advantage of our experience !
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