Grimaldi Lines 2017 – Discount Greece

Grimaldi Lines - info & photo25-11-2016

Grimaldi Lines Return Trip DiscountGrimaldi Lines 2017 – 20% Discount Greece

Travel with Grimaldi Lines to and from Greece and take advantage of the 20% return discount offered on the low season by booking your roundtrip from/to Greece at the same time!

The discount is valid for the return fares for passengers and vehicles when Minoan Lines and Grimaldi Lines service is combined.

Use our online booking system and book your tickets now!

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Terms & conditions
  • For each round trip to/from Greece, Grimaldi Lines applies 20% discount on the return ticket (except fuel surcharge and meals onboard).
  • Outward and return journeys have to be booked at the same time.
  • The discount is subject to availability.
  • The ticket is not refundable but can be modified at the applicable conditions.
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