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Minoan Lines 2018 – Family and Friends Discount

Minoan Lines Family and Friends 20 % Discount Minoan Lines is all about traveling with family and friends! Book now and get a 20 % discount! It applies when you are 3 or more passengers on Deck, Airplane Type Seats, Business Seats or inside/outside cabins (3 bed or 4 beds) with or without vehicle.

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Minoan Lines 2018 – Children Discount

Minoan Lines Children Discount (up to 16 years old) The best choice when you travel with your children is Minoan Lines! Children from 5-16 years are entitled to a 50% discount! Children under 4 travel for FREE or a 50% discount when they occupy a bed or travel in a AES (Airplane Type Seat)!

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Minoan Lines 2018 – Discount for youth and students

Minoan Lines Discount for youth and students Minoan Lines offers a 20 % discount for students or youth passengers up to 26 years old! The discount applies for all categories except Lux. And the best of it all? It also applies to your car or motorcycle! Book your tickets now!

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Minoan Lines 2018 – Senior Discount

Minoan Lines Senior Discount If you are over 60 years old Minoan Lines has a great offer for you. Travel with a 20 % discount from Greece to Italy! This applies for all accommodation categories, with or without a vehicle.

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