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Anek-Superfast 2018 – Airseat/Deck Seat Discount

Anek-Superfast Ferries – Airseat/Deck Seat Discount Travel with your friends and book the special rates offered by Anek-Superfast! A 20 % discount is offered for families or groups of 3-7 passengers, traveling on deck or airplane type seats! And it includes their vehicle! Book now and save money!

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Anek-Superfast 2018 – Children Discount

Anek-Superfast Children Discount Travel with your children and do not think about the high cost. Anek-Superfast supports families with children! A 50% discount is offered on the ferry tickets for the little passengers! Travel with your family at great prices! Book now and save money!

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Anek-Superfast 2018 – Infants

Anek-Superfast 2018 – Infants Traveling as a family can be expensive. But if you book with Anek-Superfast it’s not! Children up to 4 years old that do not occupy a seat or bed cost 5.50 Euro per trip and receive a 50% discount if they travel with a seat or bed. Choose Anek-Superfast and save… Read More »

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Anek-Superfast 2018 – Youth Discount

Anek-Superfast 2018 – Youth Discount Are you a passenger from 13 to 25 years old? Or perhaps a student with an international ISIC card or EYCA card regardless of age? In both cases you are lucky! Anek-Superfast offers a 20% discount for ferry trips between Italy and Greece. Book now!

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