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Venice-Patras with cheap tickets! Take a look in our ferry offers and find the offer which suits you most!

Minoan Lines 2018 – Bonus Club Offer

Minoan Lines Bonus Club Offer Become a member of Minoan Lines and enjoy a 20% discount on your ferry trips from Greece to Italy! Very simply, insert your valid Minoan Lines Bonus Club membership card number when making your booking and save money.

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Minoan Lines 2018 – Return Trip Discount

Minoan Lines 30% Return Trip Discount Knowing your return trip date has benefits with Minoan Lines! Book your return trip at once and enjoy a 30% return discount on your ferry trip from Greece to Italy!

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Anek-Superfast 2018 – Return trip Discount

Anek-Superfast Ferries 2018 – Return trip Discount If you are planning to return by ferry, save a great 30% discount on the return trip fares by booking your return trip along with the outbound journey. The discount applies on open return tickets too if you are not sure of your return trip date! Book your… Read More »

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Minoan Lines 2018 – Family and Friends Discount

Minoan Lines Family and Friends 20 % Discount Minoan Lines is all about traveling with family and friends! Book now and get a 20 % discount! It applies when you are 3 or more passengers on Deck, Airplane Type Seats, Business Seats or inside/outside cabins (3 bed or 4 beds) with or without vehicle.

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